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Saturday, August 14, 2004

Communication flow

Here in Minnesota we have an efficient and energetic office for reelecting the Bush-Cheney ticket this November. That's one of many reasons I've been cranking up the volume for my own part lately. We've got a drive called WROCKS. So I've been upping my volunteerism from Tuesdays to include three consecutive Saturdays as well.
And that's where I was today.
Had a good time down there. Made 43 calls. That's not record-breaking effort, but that's why I try to volunteer often. Accumulative effect, you know.

And I was impressed to discover something today.
Communication flows upward in this organization and action is taken.
Last week in the course of my work at the phones I discovered something. I'm not divulging anything that is a secret in our efforts when I say that our phone work has been working to discover the identities of voters who are undecided in the coming election. The first question of the survey is;
Can the President definitely count on your vote in the coming election this November?
While the provided scripts list A, B and C as response (A=Yes, B=No, C=Undecided), I found that not only I but a lot of other phone bank vols were simply asking the question.
And, consequentially, there were a lot of Yeses and Nos provided as answers.
Not many Undecideds.
So I tried something out. I tried asking the question and then offering the three alternate answers. I found that when I offered "Undecided" as an option, that option tended to creep into the responses a bit more.
Or so it seemed to me, at least. I'm not an expert on statistical data gathering, but it makes perfect sense to me that when a Bush-Cheney volunteer calls and wants to know if I'm going to vote for his ticket....well, I might feel a bit pressured. I might just say No even though I'm a bit confused and might actually be undecided.
A lot of money and a lot of manpower and a lot of passion is being spent on this effort to identify the fence-sitters. What good is all this effort if we're not making efficient usage of our precious time on the phone with these targeted voters? We might be getting enough measurable results to be effective. But what if we're not quite squeaking it through?

So I passed this idea on to my leaders at MN Bush-Cheney '04.

And they responded positively. Down at WROCKS today, the scripts had added to them in big, bold El Marko evidence, "A=Yes, B=No, C=Undecided"


But why am I surprized? I'm not. I'm not surprized because this Minnesota Bush-Cheney '04 organization is very, very sharp.
Why am I impressed, then? I'm impressed because all too many times in my life I have seen arrogance and human vanity supercede efficency and brass tacks effectiveness.

Hey, I'm just a grunt. I'm a vol. I'm no powerbroker in MN politics. I just pile my chips on the number I believe in. I believe in Bush-Cheney '04.

Lots of other folks are on that same square. I am grateful that I can be part of the effort.

And something else I am happy to report;
I got a ticket to see my boss this Wednesday. W is coming to St. Paul this Wednesday afternoon. I've got my ticket. Hopefully my employer will be able to give me the afternoon off so I can attend the rally.

I'm pumped.


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