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Friday, August 27, 2004

Reality creeps in

With the polls showing Kerry and Bush virtually tied for the past several months, a nagging illusion seemed to force itself upon the nation as reality; Bush and Kerry are almost equally plausible as victors in the coming November election.
But few candidates could possibly be more different.
Kerry is the most liberal Senator in the country.
Bush satisfies his conservative base as a respectable heir to the legacy of Ronald Reagan.
Kerry's reputation as a flip-flopper is well known.
Bush has earned a reputation as a man who can be expected to do as he says he will do.

Now with new polls released in the wake of the Swiftboat Vets for Truth exposure, Kerry is taking on water through a huge gaping hole in his boat hull. This, in the run-up to the Republican National Convention. The comprehensive authority on poll results, Real Clear Politics, has analysis.
(btw, I can't take credit for the boat allegory. But it's just too juicy to lay off, don't you think?)

Update: Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty was tonight interviewed by Hugh Hewitt on The Patriot. He pointed out something very important. John Kerry can be underestimated, and when he is he bounces back. Kerry has a reputation for being a good closer. So we have to bang on him and we have to keep banging on him even after he stops moving.
I intend to increase my volunteer hours per week.


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