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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Is this our future?

Belmont Club has this absolutely harrowing glimpse of the machinations of al Qaeda and its utilization of gangs and crime organizations.

The relationship of Islamic terrorism to criminal activity goes beyond Iraq and the Palestinian areas. Recently the Washington Times featured a story entitled Al Qaeda seeks ties to local gangs which described its efforts to team up with Central American people-smuggling syndicates. No form of illegal activity, however heinous is haram to those with a mission. Take drugs. The Front Page Magazine alleges that Al Qaeda principally funded its terrorist activity from the Afghan opium trade, something which its fraternal groups in Europe have emulated with great success.

Wretchard liberally supports this post with many links throughout. Reading the whole thing provides a grisly picture of an al Qaeda that seems more like a network of cockroach nests than of people, so far as their ability to survive and operate throughout the world would seem.

We've only begun to battle this evil.


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