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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Stolen signs and HQ dressing

First of all, I should mention that I had a dental appointment this morning. I had a filling that came loose and it had to be removed, cleaned and refilled.

Yesterday was Tuesday and I worked the phones at BC HQ. As soon as I walked in the door I was shocked. Where was I? The place was made over. And the chairs were packed with volunteers. I like what they did with simple office panels. New rooms were temporarily created.
There is an entire back room area that was largely unused back last summer, but now was teeming with bodies. The loading dock was fully operational. Piles of discarded empty boxes were stacked and Bush-Cheney signs were aligned and being loaded onto trucks and cars coming and going. I especially admired the gigantic 3'x5' Bush-Cheney signs. Wouldn't it be great to hide my house behind a giant, gleaming sheet of billboard proclaiming Bush-Cheney '04? How does a Leftie steal that?

Two of my little BC signs have been stolen. I just learned last night that I should be reporting these thefts to my local police department. I didn't know that. I had assumed that a missing Bush-Cheney sign in liberal Uptown would be regarded as much a crime as the sun rising in the east.
"Officer, I want to report a giant ball of burning fire rising over the rooftops in my neighborhood."
"Yeah. That's the sun. Happens every day. Anything else?"
"Oh yes. My Bush-Cheney sign was stolen again."
"What's the serial number on that sign, Sir?"
"Serial number? I don't have a serial number."
"Sorry. No serial number, we can't help you. It's too common a crime to track unless we have a sign serial number. What were you thinking, Bub? You actually thought your Bush-Cheney sign would be in your yard just because you believe your property is sacrosanct?
"Who is this?"
"Police. Get a giant 3'x5' sign. They have trouble hiding those."

So I hit the phones. I was now familiar with the new procedure. It's a refreshing change, actually. It's a much more personal approach. Now it is much more important to note the name of the person I am calling, as the inquiry is about the mailed absentee ballot request that was mailed to them, specifically. I don't want to waste time talking to someone other than the individual to whom the application was mailed. So, it is a bit more of a rarity that I may hit my target.
That meant that the work was a bit more arduous. Most of the calls were to answering machines. Some of my connected calls were to outright Bush-rejecters. The bright spot of my evening was reaching a family who wanted to vote for Bush but had recently moved and did not realize they needed to re-register. I got their information. They will receive a registration form. After they fill it out, sign it and mail it in they will be registered and they will receive a postcard from the Secretary of State informing them of the particulars of their polling place.
This is why Bush will win the Minnesota general election. The polls show that Minnesota is a tie between Bush & Kerry. So it therefore boils down to a question of who will get their people to the polls. I think that will most certainly be Bush-Cheney. The organization is top notch. We're pegging our people and providing them with the information they need in order to cast their vote.
Meanwhile the Kerry campaign is having trouble understanding who their man is. What does he believe in?

There was a festive atmosphere at HQ last night. Filmmakers were there. As I worked the phones, cameras were rolling on other folks. If I make it into the movie, I am just a vol. I'm part of the background. I'm a little piece of the atmosphere in the shots. Maybe. I'm prolly not in it at all.


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