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Monday, September 27, 2004

Unvarnished truth

The Command Post has this interview with Gen. Michael DeLong regarding his new book, Inside CentCom: The Unvarnished Truth About the Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, co-written by Noah Lukeman and Tony Zinni.

Of special interest is this discussion of the mysteriously vanished Weapons of Mass Destruction that the world has all too readily concluded were mere ghosts and never existed, despite mountains of evidence they most surely did.

TCP: The Iraq Survey Group is expected to file a comprehensive report soon on weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Reports indicate that it will conclude Saddam had no WMD. But you disagree with that belief. Why do you disagree and is it more likely WMD are still inside Iraq, or have they been moved?
DeLong: I think what the report will say is, just like everybody else has said, there is no proof there was WMD. There will be no definitive statement in this report. I can state, unequivocally, there was WMD in Iraq before and during the war. You have multiple-source intelligence. Also, from other Arab leaders, as Tommy Franks says in his book, King Abdullah said Saddam has WMD. President Mubarek of Egypt said you have to be very careful going in, because Saddam has weapons of mass destruction. Other leaders who have chosen not to be named said the same thing. We had technical intelligence that saw the same thing.
Two days before March 19, 2003, we saw quite a number of vehicles going into Syria. We could not go after them because we said we'd give Saddam 48 hours. A lot of (Iraqi) leaders went into Syria, and a lot of WMD went into Syria. We've gotten indications some went into Lebanon, and probably some went into Iran.
The size of Iraq is roughly, in square miles, the same size as California. Seven-eighths of the country is arid desert land. We've done calculations that you could probably bury 16 Eiffel Towers or Empire State Buildings and never find them in the desert. Just four months ago, they were digging for something out in the middle of the desert and they hit something. It was a MIG-25 Foxbat that the Iraqis buried in the sand. We never would have found this thing.Biological Weapons, you could put almost your whole program in a suitcase. You could probably put your whole chemical weapons industry inside a van. Yes, they did have it and right today they can't find it. The people we've captured, like Dr. Germ and Chemical Ali, the murderer of the Kurds, aren't talking.

The General has many other interesting things to say in this interview. By all means, RTWT. I suspect this book will be a must read for any student of modern warfare, including Rummy's pared down troop strategies.

A final note from me here regarding the information contained in this book. I think it is quite likely that President Bush will handily dispose of John Kerry in this Thursday's debate. After all, the President has access to and understands these facts, whilst Kerry has been jabbering gobbltie gook from tin-foil hat land these past many months.


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