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Monday, September 27, 2004

The usual suspects

Last week I read this piece by John "Rocketman" Hinderaker in Powerline.

I'm pretty sure the host, Gloria Borger, didn't like me much. (My favorite part of the transcript is her "How can you say that? How can you say that?")

I was not at all sure I knew who Gloria Borger was. I don't have cable television. But I do catch a few minutes of cable tv news while I'm at the gym. For some reason, I wondered if Gloria Borger might be the same newswoman I'd watched briefly during the Republican National Convention. The woman I remembered had been interviewing Bush's campaign strategist, Matthew Dowd of what the President needed to do to conduct a successful speech and she asked Dowd;
"So, is President Bush going to present a laundry list of things he claims to have accomplished over his term?"

I'd thought that calling the President's accomplishments "a laundry list" was a strange way to characterize the important policies of our day in this country. And so too did Dowd. He coolly responded by beginning,
"Well, the President doesn't do laundry lists but...", and then he went on to answer her question after he'd done his best to shuck off such a trivialization of the President's record.

So I wondered if Gloria Borger might have been the same "impartial and unbiased newswoman" that the Rocketman had encountered and I Googled her image.

Bingo! That's her. That's the same truth-bender I remembered.


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