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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Seven days to go

Today is Tuesday and this was the last regular Tuesday of the campaign for me. It is only natural that I should compare the hubbub of the final week with my first Tuesday back in June. This blog didn't exist then. Simply said, there is no comparison. It was quiet and slow-going back then. Now HQ is all abuzz and noisy. To put it simply, the place looks like a political campaign in its final week before Election Day.
Regular readers of this blog will recall that the phone bank had been the order of the day.
Not tonight. Not exclusively, anyway. I volunteered to put together door-knocking packets. These are those handy strips of heavy, smooth cardboard literature with the big hole at the top designed for hanging onto doorknobs. They have already been specifically addressed. Those addresses are the fruits of the many weeks of phone bank work I just referred to. I was given printouts of street maps that cover adjacent neighborhoods, corresponding to the literature addresses. About 10 of us sat at table, colored hi-liters in hand, tracing out walking paths for door-knockers this weekend.
I volunteered for this job because I'm going to do some of that door-knocking this Sunday. I thought it would be a good idea to understand a thing or two about the process of a packet's assembly before I go to work on the receiving end of that task. Laboring over identifying the best route for a walker and then packaging it for the walker's ease was not facile. I'll be prepared to forgive a lack of organization when I take that job five days from now.

Working directly across from me was Doug from the Washington, D.C.
He and many other fresh faces are here in battleground Minnesota to help us win. They have been flown up by the Party, their lodging paid by the Party and they make it possible to get the 72 Hour Task Force work accomplished in its preparation.

This night at HQ was a very humbling experience, really. To see so many hard-working people, so much thoughtful organization of tasks, materials and manpower, all focused on a political campaign actually filled me with some degree of awe. Don't these people know there are television programs to watch?

I'm putting the finishing touches on my own personal 72 Hour Task Force itinerary. A few weeks ago I was naive enough to suppose that the campaign would map it for me. It doesn't work that way. I know better than anyone what I can do and what I wish to do. So I looked at the options and am now entering the schedule into my Palm Pilot. Come Saturday morning, I'll just slave myself to the dictates of my plan and follow it through Election Day. I will lean most heavily upon phone work. But I'll mix it up with other activities so as to keep myself fresh and varied. Seems reasonable to me.

One last note. I had been listening to Hugh Hewitt on my personal radio on the busride in to HQ. Hugh is very excited about the turn of events with the discredited NYTimes story of the lost munitions of al Qaqaa, the apparent coordination of that story with the Kerry campaign and the links to IAEA Director General Mohamed ElBaradei. Also, Drudge reported that CBSNews had planned on reporting the now debunked story this coming Sunday, but the NYTimes scooped it. (Although "scoop" doesn't seem to be the appropriate term for a story as old as this one.)
According to Hugh, this is "huge, huge!"

In any case, my point is that despite all this flurry of news in the campaigns, there is virtually no acknowledgment of it in HQ. People have too much work to do and are too busy applying themselves to their jobs here. They know about it. But it's not a topic of conversation. They're remaining focused on what they are doing.

Update: "Hello?"
"I'd like to speak to pinkmonkeybird, please."
"This is pinkmonkeybird."
"This is Karl Rove. Hi pink. I've got your 72 Hour Task Force marching orders for ya."
"What took you so long?"
"Sorry, pink. We've been kind of tied up. Have you got a pen ready?"
"Yes Sir. Go ahead. I'm ready to take a bullet for W."
"No one's asking you to take a bullet, pink. Get a grip. This is serious business."
"Sorry, Mr. Rove."
"We're trying to reelect the President here. Now shut up and write this shit down..."


  • At 9:24 AM, Blogger Doug said…

    Great work Scott! Your reports on this stuff are inspiring.


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