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Monday, November 01, 2004

Election Day Eve

My alarm clock either didn't work this morning or I sleepily turned it off and went back to bed. It was supposed to get me going early enough to make the 7 am sign-waving event in the south metro. My backup alarm clock got me to the door-knocking mission in the same neighborhood two hours later.
We were blessed with what in my humble opinion was a perfect day for walking 5 to 8 miles talking to residents and dropping literature. Cool (Perfectly cool. I had no need for gloves). Overcast (I hate when the sun is blasting my eyeballs), calm and most importantly, dry. We had some real soaker days last week. I am so happy it was dry.
But hey, that's just me. Some of my fellow campaign workers complained that it was too cold outside.

I very much enjoyed this work. Most of the time I was on my own walking from address to address with my literature and my list.
Here's how it works. The massive amount of phone I.D. work we've been doing over the past several months gave us a list that was pulled, printing those names and addresses we believe support the President for various reasons. If we knew they were hardcore Bush supporters, they were not of interest. (I walked right past several homes that were decked with impressive Bush-Cheney displays). We wanted to talk to those who may be sitting on the fence or may support W, but might not have the firm understanding that they should vote.
It was interesting to walk this route. There were more than a few that actually had Kerry-Edwards lawnsigns or window placards. For those homes, I merely dropped the lit in their door.
But for everyone else, I was to ask for and speak to the specific person named on my list, hand them the literature urging them to vote with the specific address of their polling place adhered to the literature.
By far and away, most of the houses were unoccupied at the time, naturally enough. Most were at their day jobs. I was obligated to merely drop the lit within the door. Next after that, those who answered were happy to receive me and chirp that they would vote tomorrow for W. Then, there were those rare homes, only a few, that were hostile toward me.
I had so much pleasure doing this walk that I was easily talked into walking a second shift. The people that I worked beside were a real pleasure to know. I very much enjoyed today's efforts. It was terrific to talk to others who have strong feelings and ideas for our future under the leadership of George W. Bush.


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