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Monday, November 08, 2004

Hammer time

I'm not the only blogger who suspects that the lack of will on the part of the Bush Administration last April to reckon with Fallujah may have been in large part a political rationale. As Greyhawk of Mudville Gazette reports;

Expect everything you read everywhere about Fallujah for the next few days to be wrong.

The New York Times and the liberal biased alphabet networks will do their best to spin Fallujah as a disaster for Iraq and for the U.S. military.
If the battle had occurred before the election we'd just passed through, it might have spelled a disaster for George W. Bush's reelection odds.

Understandably, a significant part of the American public does not understand the harsh necessities of warfare. This reality was evident in the late running of the Kerry campaign with the October Surprise story pushed by the NYTimes and CBS News of the stolen munitions at al Qaqaa. I heard Hugh Hewitt recently discuss on his radio program how he believes the Bush election would have been won even bigger if it were not for that al Qaqaa lie.

Now that the delicate politics are out of the way, Fallujah is being hammered the way it should have been last April. The difference is that Bush now has the political capital behind him to move decisively to crush the terrorists who nest there. That, and interim Prime Minister Allawi's consent.

If Vietnam was a war that America was hampered from winning due to political hand-wringing, then the Democrats were right in the pre-election days; Iraq was a Vietnam. But now that the election is over, tender politics swept aside and the American people decisively choosing President Bush as Commander-In-Chief, Vietnam protestor #1 John Kerry rejected, Falujah will become the graveyard of many an Islamic terrorist.

And for what better outcome than Iraqi elections in a mere three months? If the crushing of the Fallujah vipers nest proceeds in favor of a free and democratic Iraq, this operation will come as close to being an example of instant gratification as can be hoped for in so largescale an operation.


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