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Thursday, November 11, 2004

He's dead, Jim

In the middle of last week just after President Bush won reelection to his second term he held a brief news conference. The Press was allowed to ask questions.
One reporter stood up and informed the President that Yasser Arafat was dead.
"Really?!", was W's immediate response.

Really?! indeed.

The cameras were rolling. The great, exalted Press wanted to know what the President's reaction was to this "news" that Yasser Arafat was dead.
"May God have mercy on his soul," was W's only reply.

W speaks for me precisely.

But once again the Press gets it wrong. Eager to enjoy a scoop moment, the Press rushed the facts and misinformed the President that a man who was still breathing and legally living, was dead.
I'm just a blogger. I've got a news flash for you. Yasser Arafat is dead now. He died last night. I read about it on the blogosphere.

The MSM (Main Stream Media) has little credibility. (Except Fox News of course.) There is little reason to believe their spins, misinformation or fabrications. MSM may look like it's alive and healthy. It may appear to be breathing. It's not dead. It is still able to perform bodily functions. The nurse has to change its diapers every now and then.

May God have mercy on their soul.


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