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Friday, November 26, 2004

I'm lovin' it

Part of the American landscape is fast food. We run around on busy schedules and take a meal or two at McDonald's in the course.
But fast food has been taking a hit lately. Why, I don't know. After all, all restaurants are fast food. Think about it. It's true.
Now Heidi Klum will be promoting McDonald's.

This makes two of pinkmonkeybird's favorite hobbies that are promoted by Ms. Klum; food and hot fabulous babes in lingerie. If Ms Klum begins appearing in Jim Beam ads, I'll be ready to devote my life to raiding a certain lady's personal homelife as the quintessential gigolo.

And I'd play Bob Dylan as the soundtrack to my dementia.

No wonder the fundamentalist Islamists want to kill us! Me, anyway. They want to deprive us of our fantasies as well as our realities.


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