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Sunday, November 14, 2004

Mop up

The battle to retake Fallujah, Iraq is proclaimed to be very close to completed by at least two Iraqi officials. The operation took only a little over a week to succeed; only half the time of the projections I'd heard and read of upon its launch.
Nevertheless, the anti-war and naysayer elements in our society are already proclaiming Fallujah to be an abject failure. For instance, this headline from Air America; Despite Fallujah Conquest Insurgency Spreads. I find this sort of negative reportage to be absurdly anti-military. It's the kind of empty rhetoric that typified the Kerry-Edwards campaign and I think it's shameful that it is pronounced during Veteran's Week, of all times.

But why would reporting the "facts of failure" on the part of our military be shameful? Because this is lazy reporting, and because it plays into the hands of the enemy. But most of all, because it is of a virulent energy in opposition to the national interest.

I must remind you sir, we are at war.

Those who wish to see the Fallujah operation as a failure see it as such only because they wish to see it as such. Wretchard of Belmont Club has reported that the flareups of unrest in Iraq create a logistical map running to the Syrian border. In other words, there is really not much to fear in the way of Iraq exploding into a nationwide resistance over the retaking of Fallujah.

It seems Greyhawk of Mudville Gazette was right when he said, Expect everything you read everywhere about Fallujah for the next few days to be wrong.

Well, everywhere but here, of course.


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