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Friday, November 12, 2004

Redundant redundancy

Yes, I realize that everybody in the world knows about and reads RealClearPolitics. So why link to them? Everyone's already been there.
I read this very satisfying Commentary from John McIntyre the other day and I assumed that it would be linked to like crazy by gazillions of blogs. While I'm sure it has been somewhere, I haven't seen them. So I must fill that void.
If you buck up against the lefties at all and tell them that the victory last week for the Bush Administration spells a mandate, you quickly learn that this assertion is very much resisted.
"Don't you understand? America is closely divided!"

Well, McIntyre sees through the fog of war and clarifies why it really doesn't matter if America is closely divided or not; the president is going to govern as though it's not;

But what really makes Democrats and the liberal elites sick is they know what George W. Bush is going to do with this hard fought victory. They saw him take a 500,000 popular vote loss and ram through massive tax cut after massive tax cut. They saw him in a post 9/11 world radically shift American foreign policy to embrace the doctrine of American preemption and military dominance. They know full well what George W. Bush can do.
For an average President, a 51-48 win wouldn't be that big of a deal. For this President, however, a majority of the popular vote coupled with expanded majorities in Congress is all he needs to permanently change the political course of this country.

This reminds me of what a fellow told me over the phone when I was doing my phone voter identification work;
I like Bush. He gets shit done.

Somewhere on that same road, I'd heard another similar opinion;
They hate him because he is effective. He's accomplishing things.

So the long, dark night for the liberal Democrats has arrived. W has been reelected and Congress has been expanded in the Republican direction in support of a Bush Doctrine. A liberal Democrat friend of mine confided to me today his deepest fear;
It's going to get worse. Four more years from now, the whole country will go Republican.

What could I say?
You're right.


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