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Monday, November 01, 2004

Why I support W for president

We've all been inundated with media overload, intellectual overload, passion overload, analysis overload, news overload, and politics overload.
Is any stone left unturned? Has anything worth saying remained unsaid?


But just in case it hasn't I would like to add to the hogpile.

I voted for Ralph Nader and his Green Party in year 2000. That's a lot of goose eggs laid.
One of my co-volunteers today in my door-walking work was flabbergasted by that sublime fact. He was a young man named Curt and is a military man in the Army who has served recently in Afghanistan and Iraq. He was so knocked out that he was working with a former Nader supporter that he introduced me to his pal Bart, "This is pink. He was a Nader supporter in 2000. Now he's for Bush."
"I wonder," Curt asked, "if there are a lot of other former Nader supporters who jumped ship and came on to support W."

This line of questioning made me rethink my politics as I walked my route today. I do my best thinking when I'm walking. So here is what I want to distill from that walk.

Year 2K was a different world from September 12, 2001 and today. I actually thought we might afford a candidate like Ralph Nader. That was a long time ago. Back then, terrorism was nothing more than a "nuisance". Once in awhile some crazy hopped up Arabs would kill some Westerners, but so what else is new? Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher had put the Evil Empire of the Soviet Union to rest. There were no more dangerous enemies in the world threatening Western Civilization. Now we could turn our attention to making things right at home the way we'd like to make things right without external dangers impeding us.

George W. Bush couldn't be the answer to that, in my humble opinion at that time. After all, he was the Governor of Texas and had pulled the switch on more convicts than the rest of the 50 States combined.
Al Gore couldn't be the answer either. He struck me as a self-important goofball, what, with his claim to have invented the Internet. And there were other self-evident reasons to reject Gore. Even moreso since then.

So I cast my vote for Nader as a protest vote. If Nader stood a chance of a snowball's chance in hell to win, I would have scampered away from that protest vote and I don't know what I would have done. I could write some several paragraphs about those kernals of ideas that resonate with me in a Nader platform. But I won't bore you with that. Just to clarify, I now view the notion of a Nader Presidency as nothing short of laughable. Okay, so the veil was over my eyes in 2000. Big deal. It wasn't the first time I'd voted stupidly for my president. I'd voted for some of the worst. I voted for Carter...the worst president in memory. I voted for Clinton, who I now see as a disgrace to the office. I voted for Mondale. No explaination necessary.

But the interesting thing to me is that I never really felt strongly before about who would win the office. I really don't clearly remember many of my Presidential votes. Huh? Reagan wins? I guess.

Not this year. This year I actually feel strongly enough about my choice that I have dedicated myself to work for him and to donate financially to his campaign. Erm...that's what this blog has been mostly about, as you may know. I feel strongly that this is the most important presidential election of my lifetime.

But why?

I am a Social Liberal. I think that America was created for freedom and that freedom is what we should foster. People should be able to enjoy freedoms so long as those freedoms do not infringe upon the freedoms of others. For instance, we exchange our freedom to kill others in our society in exchange for the freedom to live without fear of being killed by others.

September 11, 2001 changed the way I look at the world. Suddenly, I could see that the "nuisance" attacks of the U.S.S. Cole, Beirut, the Khobar Towers, the Achille Lauro, the 1993 WTC and so on, were not mere flecks on the radar screen. War had been declared upon us and America had been sleeping through it all in much the same way that an unsuspecting bird does not much notice the whiskers of the cat creeping closer and closer within the foliage.
Our blind spot is Political Correctness. A mindset had crept into our thinking that America is no better than other nations or other cultures and therefore, we should just allow these other cultures to assert themselves over our selfish desires.

If George W. Bush loses this election, it will be seen as a global ratification of the denial of the Bush Doctrine. The world would interpret this turnabout in American choice as a softening of will, a lack of resolve. Every choice after a Bush defeat would be assumed to be a softer, more sensitive and wholly defensive posture in the GWOT. Mustering anything sterner than that would require even more effort than W had to gather.
We are so very lucky to have George W. Bush and his very talented cabinet leading this country in wartime. And all we have to do to keep it is to place an "X" next to Bush-Cheney on the voters ballot. (Okay, for you literalists, an oval...sheese!)

We must reelect Bush-Cheney so that we can hunt down and incapacitate the terrorists and the rogue states. We must do so, and we must elect a Republican Congress that will readily cooperate with this Bush White House in a focused effort to vanquish our enemies and spread democracy to the emperished Middle East and Asia Minor.
A Bush Administration would continue to promote policies that I feel are more inherently American than what the Democrats would impose. The Republican Party more closely resembles the American Ideal of individualism and innovation than the Democrat Party's increasingly
socialistic approach. America is America because it is the land of opportunity, not the land of Social Programs.

The notion that our current economy is hurting is one of the biggest lies I see in the land today. It's just not true. Were it not for the Bush Administration's programs for tax cuts and economic stimulation, this economy would be far worse off and bare of promise. Kerry would decimate our economy with higher taxes and a devaluation of American reliability and resilience.

I predict that in the wake of the coming Bush-Cheney victory, we will not have to wait long to realize the fruits of that victory. Rogue states and evil influences will follow in the example of Moammar Gadhafi of Libya. These thugs and killers will realize that America stands behind her President and that their end will be as sure as OBL's and the Hussein Gang's if they do not cooperate. There is truly power through strength. RR reminded us of that, and has W learned that lesson well.

But I do not want to leave the impression that this will be easy. Reelecting W is not a cure-all. We face very, very dangerous and deadly times. It will probably get worse before it gets better. We still face the horror of a WMD hit to our homeland, which is a very real threat. I think al Qaeda is still hotly pursuing these weapons and we will never be safe from them.

A Bush Administration will continue to wage an aggressive pursuit of these madmen, keeping them off balance as they continually try to run from our hunters.

If we don't have security from foreign enemies, we cannot dream of attaining Socially Liberal freedoms at home. I wholly support George W. Bush for President and Dick Cheney as Vice President. I also support a Republican majority in the Congress.
Further, I think we citizens must continue to inform our elected officials that we expect our government to govern responsibly. The danger of a mandate of power in Washington is that there are few brakes or safety valves imposed to keep government in check.
A perpetually engaged grassroots can inhabit this responsibility within a Republican dominated Executive and Congress.


  • At 9:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    You are a horrible person.


  • At 11:15 PM, Blogger Doug said…

    That was an awesome essay Scott! Nader in 2000?! Sheesh! Who could tell? You've been a real Bush warrior this time around. 9-11 was a shockingly clarifying moment, eh?

  • At 8:52 PM, Blogger pinkmonkeybird said…

    I'm sorry you think I am horrible.
    I invite those who disagree with me to Comment. But if you don't explain yourself, there isn't much to discuss.
    Do you find me to be horrible because I voted for Nader in 2000? Or because I voted for W in 2004? Or both?


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