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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Kofi Annan and OFF

Glenn Reynolds has some interesting updates on the United Nations Oil For Food scandal or UNScam. And while some private Americans, such as Marc Rich, are apparently implicated in the scam, so far there is no indication that the U.S. government has its hands dirty in it.
There is a quiet debate going on as to the motivations of the Bush and Blair administrations in their lodged support of Kofi to continue to head the besmirched United Nations. Glenn hints strongly that he suspects it is in order to keep the UN impotent as the illegitimate, corrupt sham that it truly is. But I wonder if there might be another reason that is realpolitik. The world is under the spell of groupthink. The international community has overwhelmingly come to the support of Kofi Annan in reaction to Norm Coleman's call for his ouster. For Bush & Blair to call for replacing Kofi would only throw gasoline on the flames of antiAnglo-American opposition. Much better to quell those flames a bit by uttering some inexpensive gesture of international solidarity with the groupthinkers and the United Nations.

I say that Bush & Blair's voiced support is inexpensive because words are cheap and because the groupthinkers don't respect right from wrong in the first place. There are other legitimate forces in the world that recognize the need for Kofi's ouster besides the executive offices of the US & UK, so there is really no danger that such voiced support will actually keep Kofi in his office for long anyway.
One last thought. Could this stated support for Kofi not be seen as a classic example of reverse psychology? Imagine what they are thinking in France. Bush and Blair both pledged their support and confidence in Kofi Annan to continue to lead the United Nations. Kofi should be expected to be opposed at every turn by Bush & Blair after the many instances of his attempted obstruction to the liberation of Iraq. Not too long ago, Kofi condemned the liberation as "illegal". I can't help but wonder if these French people (and the other groupthinkers) are questioning if Kofi is the right person to remain as Secretary-General if he's being supported by Bush & Blair. "Hey, if they're for him, we must be against him!"

Such is the way children are dealt with, no?


  • At 10:11 PM, Blogger R-Five said…

    Reverse psychology? Could be. No doubt the French are wondering just what they missed as you said.

    But what about the investigation, such as it is? If Kofi (and son) quits, does the probe immediately end? Maybe we're better off letting Claudia Rossett, Paul Volcker and Norm Coleman press on for a while, see what else our friends in Europe have been up to.

  • At 1:02 PM, Blogger pinkmonkeybird said…

    I think that the investigations would have to proceed despite support from B&B. Those who truly have the best interests of the UN in thier hearts will apply pressure upon Annan to resign. Without Annan at the helm around to inhibit the investigations, hopefully the entire truth will be revealed with justice brought to bear.

    I don't think there is too much to worry about Kofi getting away with anything. He dies a thousand deaths each day as he sees the noose tighten about his neck.

    Unfortunately, the UN will not be remedied overnight by his ouster, for it is still occupied by the thugs and petty dictators of the world.


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