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Thursday, December 02, 2004

New Orleans

First off, my apologies for not keeping you posted before I left on vacation. I went to New Orleans for a few days just to get away from it all and celebrate my 51st birthday. Erm...I barely touched a computer the whole time. And, no, I don't own a laptop.
Yes, I've been a bit in the dumps since the election. I recall during the last final weeks how I'd dreamt it would be great to take a vacation and make a clean break of everything. Hawaii came to mind. So did Florida. Climes warmer than Minneapolis were beckoning.
I settled on New Orleans because I have a BowieNet friend there and yet another BowieNutter friend offered to meet us there if I chose. That's the way these internet communities work. When we get a chance we commune.
So it was done.
I'd visited New Orleans but once before when I was 18 years old. I suppose a minor could find something to do there, but it's an adult town. And now I am an adult. At least the officials think so.
When you're in New Orleans you'd better try the gumbo or you haven't done it right. And any other dish made with seafood is required. Shrimp, crayfish, oysters, gator, (Tell me, is gator a seafood or a swampfood? Better yet, don't.)

There are many bars in the French Quarter. I managed to visit a few of these wonderful places. I celebrated my birthday by going to Snug Harbor to see Charmaine Neville and her band. She even sang Happy Birthday to me. Wow. That was an honor even though she referred to me as pinkmonkeystuff. Heyyyyy! I just realized, I think she was denigrating me. Pinkmonkeybird is the name. Squawk. Just kidding. She has a bad memory. Couldn't remember her sax player's name either. Reggie Commodore.
This band was the quintessential New Orleans band to see, imho. They just wreaked of rhythm. New Orleans rhythms have a way of taking over your whole body like voodoo. I'm enchanted. Miss Charmaine has all that rhythm in her pinky finger to spare. She's quite an entertainer. Even though she doesn't have the prettiest of voices, she makes beautiful music with her expression and her soul and her cowbell. Check her out if you get the chance.
While part of the reason to go on vaca was to give politics a rest, the city wouldn't quite let me. Just like Minneapolis, there were various Kerry-Edwards signs still flying in defiance of their defeat. And there is actually a current runoff election campaign ongoing in the Big Easy. When I saw Tauzin's campaign placard I'd assumed it was a leftover, too. But I learned that Tauzin's campaign is pending when I saw his television ad. As Lou Reed once said, There are lots of troubles in this world, and ooooheeee none of them are mine.

Meanwhile, Louisiana loses the equivalent of a football field of coastline every 15 minutes.


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