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Saturday, December 18, 2004

Senate District 60 Christmas Party

I just got back from my local Senate District Christmas Party. It was a nice event. Food. Drink. Republicans dancing nekkid on the table tops. Okay, so I made up that last part just to get your attention.
Our guest speaker was Sarah Janecek. She's one of the most authoritative political analysts in the state of Minnesota. She didn't so much have a speech to deliver to us as she offered her thoughts through a Question & Answer session. We took the opportunity to bounce ideas at her.
I had the honor of being told by her before the entire party that I am wrong.
Piping up that I'd heard her on the Northern Alliance Radio Network only just about a month ago, I asked for her thoughts on the alternative information outlets of radio and the blogosphere. She was happy to say how exciting it is that these media are doing a marvelous job of informing the public and tapping the public mind. But she confessed that she had no idea as to where it is going.
That perplexed me, so I offered a vision. I opined that the blogosphere and the main stream media share a sympathetic relationship. They need each other to do the job of informing the public of the truth. That's when Janecek told me I'm wrong.
UPDATE: Checking my dictionary, I think I'd meant to use the word "symbiotic". def; A relationship of mutual benefit or dependence. I think Ms. Janecek would have agreed with my statement if I'd corrected myself.
I would have loved to have continued the conversation, but she left shortly thereafter. Perhaps I should have tackled her at the door.
My notion of sympathetic relationship is not original thought on my part. I think it was best expressed by Rocketman of Powerlineblog. He points out that bloggers don't have the resources to send reporters off to Myanmar and other far-flung places on the globe to investigate stories. That's the domain of the main stream media.
The blogosphere operates as a watchdog. It examines varying reports from the media and rethinks the conclusions that seem to be drawn. It also taps into the knowledge of people who "know stuff". The blogosphere shortcuts the old world way of sending reporters to find out what people know, as the blogosphere provides those persons with the ready means of coming forward on their own. In other words, the blogosphere is kind of like a gigantic homemade program. It really is a marvelous innovation. It's democratic, it's immediate, it's shimmering with science fiction come alive.
Sarah Janecek has a lot of stuff in her head. Maybe she doesn't know where the blogosphere is going because she has no control over where it goes and can't be bothered by that. If she comes to believe she knows where it's headed, I'll report it here when I know. There have been calls for regulation of the blogs. Maybe she thinks those calls will win out. If so, she didn't say.
In any case, having Sarah Janecek as our speaking guest was indeed an honor. Something clicks inside our brains when we're in the presence of acute political analysts such as she. Her insights inspire energy in further thought about the landscape. For instance, she reiterated her notion expressed on the aforementioned NARN show, that Mark Dayton will not be the DFL candidate for the Senate. No one else I know of is putting this opinion forward. Dayton is assumed to be in the running by most accounts. But I think Janecek is right. We'll learn soon enough if she is.

On a personal note, I was honored with an award. I, along with several other volunteers and GOP leaders, was awarded a certificate of recognition for my work in the campaign that ended last month.

Volunteer Of The Year. pinkmonkeybird for successfully and tirelessly performing several varied and vital tasks for one or more campaigns this year...and for doing so while adding his own style and methods to the suggested activities, thereby increasing their effectiveness.

Thanks, SD 60, for this honor.

I attribute it to the creativity of the GOP. The Republican Party was, by far, the most creative political party of these recent elections. There was more innovation and more heart and more ingenuity imbued in the Republican Party than any other party in the country. And that's why we won the highest office in the land as well as expanding our seats in the Congress and the local offices (Minnesota not withstanding).
That's the glory of this award. I had my heart set on helping to win Minnesota for George W. Bush. We didn't get that. But we decidedly forced the Democrats to divert resources to Minnesota to keep it blue. That was enough to win Ohio and thus, the necessary Electoral College votes to win the White House.
As it turns out, W won very handily in the popular vote as well as the EC.

That's why this party was dubbed "Victory Party". Indeed. Four more years.


  • At 9:56 PM, Blogger Troy Worman said…

    Congratulations on your Volunteer of the Year Award! And making the Orbit Strategies Blog-0-dex at

  • At 11:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    And thank you, Troy.
    You have an interesting and positive mission for your blog, I see. Thanks for your participation.

  • At 10:26 AM, Blogger Dawn said…

    Congrats on your award! Guess there'll be no living with you now, right? *winks*

    I found interesting the thought of Brave Sir Robin not running again. So who will the DFL push in his place, Patty Wetterling? If The Hildebeast runs, she and Patty Murray of WA can hook their wagons to The Hildebeasts, and ride off her momentum, however misguided it may be.

    And speaking of the DFL, last night at 9pm, we got a call from them asking if we 'wanted to donate' to them. My husband nearly dropped the phone he was laughing so hard. Guess they didn't clean up the data from their call lists from the election.


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