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Thursday, January 06, 2005


The battle between Nick Coleman and the Northern Alliance of blogs continues. Yesterday Big Trunk of Power Line issued demands for retractions of false allegations and misinformation coming from Coleman. One of the things Coleman recently charged is, as BT explains;

1. Coleman repeatedly implies that we have discussed his financial status on our site. "I keep wishing the Ivy League boys had told me I was rich before I took my first job cleaning bathrooms..." and "If I had the money they think I do, I'd put it all in [the bank that is my employer]. Then I'd pull it out."
Fact: We have NEVER referred to Coleman's financial status in any manner. Period. His imputation to us of interest in his finances is false and defamatory. I want it retracted.

Doesn't the Trunk know that Saint Paul over at Fraters Libertas has his fingerprints on this one? So I was sure SP would address this soon, and he has.

But that leaves an impression that can't be missed. Is this another incident of sloppiness on the part of columnist Nick Coleman? Doesn't he understand that Fraters Libertas and Power Line are two separate blogs? Or is it just more convenient for him to spray the area (or lob hand-grenades, whichever battlefield metaphor you prefer), hoping that Northern Alliance bloggersblood will be drawn?

Ahhh.....I love the smell of napalm in the morning.


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