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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

NARN Holidays

I found this post in my Drafts folder. It's a few days old, but I've added the thoughts I was driving toward and I'm publishing it a little late.
I've been too tired to post in the evening recently. Posting during the day has been restricted. So maybe posting first thing in the morning is the solution for me.

I had a berry bloggy holiday weekend
Starting off on New Year's Eve's Almanac television broadcast over TPN.

Big Trunk and Rocketman were comfortably seated with a pair of New Patriot bloggers. Eric Escola seemed to be genuinely naive of the new medium. For instance, when told Power Line's URL , Escola asked if that is now the name. Rocketman explained the difference to Escola.

Now it's Saturday January 1st, 2005 and I'm listening to the NARN on The Patriot radio station.

Hmmmmm. Patriots and New Patriots. The blogger over at New Patriot seemed to be quite proud of his post, he explained, that "debunked" the Swift Boat Vets for Truth and their claims against John Kerry. Rocketman and Big Trunk didn't seem to have a need to argue with him on the air and steal the limelite from him.
An observation; The Power Line blog has a record of making a real difference in the world. They helped to bring down Dan Rather and CBS News over the bogus documents. Power Line may have helped get George W. Bush reelected.
If New Patriot blog was chattering up a storm over the Swift Boat Vets for Truth and their "lies", there doesn't seem to be very much real-world fruit for the Left to enjoy, as their guy lost anyway.
You talk a game, New Patriots, but you're outgunned by Power Line and the Northern Alliance of Blogs.

With a title like New Patriot, this blog appears to be a reaction to conservative blogs. It might be a response to predominant conservative opinion on the blogosphere and talk radio. Ya think? In any case, I have saved this leftie blog to my favorites folder and will check in on them once in awhile.

On 1280am The Patriot radio, on the other hand, the Power Line fellows and their NARN comrades talked up their usual good show on this first broadcast of the new year. One of the ideas that struck home to me was their assertion that the Left seems to think that talking, pronouncements and summit meets are of primary importance, while action in the world is shunned. I believe it was Chad the Elder (aka Peeps if you sucker for wild right wing blatherings of a certain shock jock out of California) who'd put forth this idea in relation to the rhubarb regarding W's "stinginess" and "failure" to come forward out of Crawford quick enough to tell the world that America cares about the tsunami victims on the Indian Ocean rim.

Chad's mention of this reminded me of a first hand encounter I'd had last summer in Canada. I was at the Winnipeg Folk Festival. Sort of a personal joke on my part, I wore an old tee shirt I've had in my drawer for several years that has emblazoned across it front, "FREE TIBET". He knew I was an American. I got to talking with a Canadian and I'd slyly mentioned that the next cause we should embrace might be to invade and liberate Tibet from Communist China.
The Canadian was shocked. "Are you joking?!!!", he implored.

I matter-of-factly told him with a stoney face, "Yes". He suddenly realized I was putting him on over his sensitivities.

It's too bad I was putting him on. In a more just world Tibet would be free. America & Britain and the Coalition had their hands full just trying to liberate Iraq despite the protestations of liberals like my Canadian friend.
The left loves to show their compassion and righteousness by displaying bumper stickers and tees that say Free Tibet. But as soon as someone suggests actually doing something about freeing Tibet, they get their panties all in a bind.

And, in stark contrast to right wing positions, they are almost completely humorless.


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