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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Banging the drum

This morning I posted that we bloggers have to keep banging the drum over the supposed "GOP talking points memo". One of the central blogs on this issue is In The Agora. Blogger Joshua Claybourn has this roundup dating from March 23rd with generous updates.

As you can see when you visit this link, the information is supported through many other blogs, including high profile blogs Power Line and Michelle Malkin.

It seems to me that the key point we are at concerning this issue now is stated by John Hinderaker of Power Line who maintains that the ball is now in ABC News' court, as they bear the burden of disclosing their source and proving that the memo is genuine and of GOP origin. After all, it was they who covered the story with the headline, "GOP Talking Points on Terri Schiavo".

This morning's Meet The Press on NBC featured a roundtable of experts and authorities on faith in America. One of the guests was a Reverend Jim Wallis. He peddled the "GOP talking points memo" story, apparently unaware there is any controversy over their authenticity.

REV. JIM WALLIS: Well, first of all, our hearts go out this morning to Terri Schiavo and the family. It appears she's near the end of her life, and so deep compassion for the family, and all of us care so much about this. In principle we should always err on the side of life to be--that's the safer moral course, but we also should worry about the politicizing of any case, and I'm alarmed by memos that talk about firing up the base or defeating the Democratic Senator Bill Nelson of Florida. That's way out of bounds for a case like this.

So, it is evident that the acceptance of this memo as being of authentic GOP origin is quite damaging to the Republicans.
Yesterday on the Northern Alliance Radio Network, the Captain Ed (yet another high profile blog) shared his finding that the MSM are not yet reporting on this story, save for the South Florida Sun Sentinal.

If any other MSM have reported on this story, I am not yet aware of it. But it is, of course, inevitable they will. In the same way the CBS News phony RatherGate documents were exposed, the MSM will be forced to cover the truth because the blogosphere continues to bang the drum.


  • At 4:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    That the MSM continues to use fake docs to defame America shows how ingraned the bigotry in the MSM is.
    Rod Stanton


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