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Saturday, March 26, 2005


Terri Schiavo's termination in the coming hours will be practiced euthanasia. If Terri had a living will stating her firm wishes to be declined a feeding tube, I would be in complete agreement of her legal wishes.
But the fact is that she has not left any such document and we are left to speculate on the matter. As I see it, this is a violation of her rights.
Her husband, Michael Schiavo is deemed to be her legal guardian. But as Hugh Hewitt has pointed out, any objective view of his guardianship is fraught with questions as he is clearly estranged.
As anyone who has been following this case knows, it's a very complicated issue. I'm not going to pretend to claim that I understand all the nuances of the legalities. Too many other excellent blogs have already been closely following this issue for me to try and play catch-up. So all I can do is state my own feeling about this.

For me the Terri Schiavo case has been a life affirming story. Ultimately the battle is between the proponents of those who favor the right to death and those who favor the right to life. As a young man I must say that I have taken life for granted. I don't think I have ever followed the depressing details of such a scenario before as I have this case and it's caused a profound rethink in my own soul about the preciousness of life.

I will be taking Michelle Malkin's advice tomorrow on Easter Sunday as I will do all that we can do for Terri at this point by praying for her.


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