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Saturday, March 05, 2005


This story regarding an issue that finds France and the United States back onto a cooperative footing makes me want to revert back to French fried potatoes.

The United States issued a strong statement of dissatisfaction with Assad's most recent comments, which came after four weeks of political turmoil in Lebanon set off by the assassination of a popular former prime minister.
"As President Bush said Friday, when the United States and France say withdraw, we mean complete withdrawal ; no halfhearted measures," the statement said.
France, which co-authored with Washington a U.N. resolution demanding Syrian withdrawal, also stood by its demands.

I'd go the extra mile to have real French Champaign and French wine, but once I began boycotting those items, I developed a taste for California wines, Australians wines and sparkling wine from anywhere but France. Well, I'd say that if the French can manage to remain consistent this time, I'd actually permit true Champaign this New Year's Eve.

The French. Gotta love 'em. I am very happy that France and the U.S. are united on an issue such as this. And France is a formidable ally in such a situation, as no other Western power carries the clout with Syria in just such a way as France commands

Perhaps now we can hear an end to those seemingly endless charges of "failing to bring in" the Europeans. What's Kerry going to say in absence of such a line?


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