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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Savvy blog move

I doubt that I would be capable to maintaining updates to this blog at least four times per day, as is the conventional wisdom toward writing a vital blog. I'd love to surprise myself and discover I am wrong. Unfortunately, I am rather inconsistent in my energies with pinkmonkeybird. Sometimes I am just too tired to update it for a day...and all too often there are lapses of the best part of a week.
My ideal would be to update at least twice per day. As a blogger, with blessed readers who I know are there because my meter tells me so, I feel a responsibility to keep pinkmonkeybird updated within reason. I have a visceral feeling about this, as I know what it feels like to visit a blog that has not been updated. This gut feeling is something like this; I have the energy and drive to surf the blogosphere and discover what's being chatted about. I'll wonder, "What does so-and-so think today?" So I click on the blog in question. And to my utter disappointment, I find that this blogger I have tapped hasn't had a bloody thought for three days!!!! (Elaine Benis's boyfriend would disapprove of all the exclamation points.)

That's an overdramatic reaction. Of course the blogger has thoughts. It's just that life got in the way of his/her publishing. He may very well be working hard writing drafts that don't cut the mustard. I dislike the notion that readers of pinkmonkeybird would be disappointed upon finding it lax. I've come to realize that pinkmonkeybird readers don't expect the blog to be right or crucial at all times. But they hope it will be pinkmonkeybird and posit a thought or two. Else, why click on it?

Purely on spontaneous inspiration, I decided to live-blog NARN yesterday. This was a savvy move, as it brought in double my usual recent number of visitors. This is nice, as Rocketman of Power Line points out that a blog with very low readership is nothing more than a personal journal. But what good would it be to bring in increased readership if they are ultimately lost through an inability to sustain that traffic with frequent updates? This might explain why I've been writing so much this weekend. Yes, folks, I've got a fire in my belly today.

I have been linked by several excellent blogs for my live-blogging of the NARN first anniversary show. And I appreciate them all. Thank you. I hope my coverage of that show was interesting/informative/entertaining for you. It was a gas to write. One of the interesting results of that posting was a direct reaction from Vox Day. I've heard Vox on before and I respect him as a reasonable voice in the political blogging landscape (or spacescape if we are to keep our cosmic imagery of the blogosphere intact).
For some reason, Vox finds it more appropriate to refer to me as "a Northern Alliance listener", rather than pinkmonkeybird. He is competent enough to link directly to this blog, but he can't bring himself to name me within his post. Maybe I pissed him off by calling his libertarian vote last November "shameless".

In any case, I have left a Comment in his post.

Thanks for the response, Vox. And thank you, all you pinkmonkeybird readers, for returning here with some regularity to investigate what's going on from my point of view. Last but not least, welcome to all you new readers of this blog.


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