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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Spirit of america update

I recently received an update from Spirit of America. Regular readers here will remember that Spirit of America is sponsored by this blog through the Northern Alliance of Blogs. All the pertinent links are in my blogroll to the right.
Somehow, I'd neglected to include the SOA blog until today.

Today's post says, in part;
Friends of Democracy is Back and Better Than Ever

Before, during, and after the Iraqi election in January Friends of Democracy, in a cooperative effort with Spirit of America, brought you ground level election news from the people of Iraq. The project was so successful we decided to keep going. We re-tooled the site to bring you ground level views on a whole range of topics from the people and bloggers of Iraq.

SOA continues to do great work in Iraq and Afghanistan. With various negative influences in the greater Middle East attempting to cause democracy to fail there, SOA is a positive influence. And on the U.S. homefront SOA is bringing the true story of progress to these shores.

Bob Davis of KSTP radio "The Talk Station" mentioned this morning that the Iraqis are tired of the hard left's negativity regarding their struggles. So much so that they now refer to them as "pests". Hmmmmm. I wonder what the translation into Arabic is for that word.
I recall that Saddam Hussein was fond of saying that there were two pests in the world; insects and the Persians. Now the people of Iraq are saying that the Western hard left are pests.


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