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Sunday, March 13, 2005

That Dan Rather special

Last week when Dan Rather said farewell to the anchor chair on the CBS Evening News, the network aired a special that reminded us all what a crucial and important journalist Dan has been over his career. Yeah, right.
Hugh Hewitt happened to be on vacation that day. His mic was manned by Carol Platt Liebau. And she does a fine job. Understanding the medium of radio, she ran a little query with her listeners over the questions;

  • How much time into the one hour special will we have to wait for CBS to address the MemoGate affair in Dan's career?
  • Once addressing MemoGate, how much time will the special provide on MemoGate?

Fun questions.

Playing the game at the gym with my Sony headphone radio strapped onto my head, I guessed that they would wait until late in the show to discuss MemoGate, but not the very bitter end. Here's my reasoning; They would place MemoGate into the chronological context of Rather's career so that they could tell the dramatic story of Dan's rise in the industry without the inconvenient black spot of MemoGate coming up until we all understood what a towering giant Dan is in the journalism field. But it's important to them not to save it for the very last, as this would leave us remembering something that contradicts the narrative they so want to tell. After all, Dan is a corporate investment for CBS. They want to enshrine his name in the halls of glory along with Edward R. Murrow and Walter Cronkite.

So to learn from Carol that the coverage of MemoGate came 53 minutes into the show is right on target for pinkmonkeybird.

But I still don't know how much time the special provided on that subject. I'm guessing 30-45 seconds. After all, why muddy the waters of the narrative with a long segment that contradicts the narrative? Besides, MemoGate wasn't that important, according to Dan. The documents were unsubstantiated, but accurate.

Right. Anybody know how much time CBS spent on MemoGate? Does pinkmonkeybird score another point?

UPDATE: Carol Platt Liebau has courteously Replied to my inquiry via email regarding the length of CBS's invested time on the MemoGate affair. Here is her message;

I think it was about one minute? Thanks for writing-- Carol

So, if "about one minute(?)" is close to 30 -45 seconds, then I have scored both questions within reasonable accuracy. I continue to amaze myself. Without a hint of arrogance, I must say that my predictions have been spot on.


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