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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Games played lightly

The body of Congress that's been referred to lately as the "cooling saucer", the U.S. Senate, has been playing silly games while very serious business is in need be being attended. I'm speaking of the vote on John Bolton's nomination as embassador to the United Nations.
The UN, as has been reported for at least the past year, is suffering under the impediments of poor leadership and corruption. It's the subject of investigations over the Oil-For-Food program. The U.S. needs a tough critic of the UN like John Bolton and it should expect such an exceptionally qualified person such as Bolton to be approved by this chamber which has a Republican majority.
While the Senate dithers, the Independent Inquiry Committee has lost two members due to their resignations because these two members no longer have confidence in this committee.

I'll be very interested in learning what really motivated Senator Voinovich (OH-R) to pass on endorsing Bolton yesterday.

Update; Instapundit has a link to Roger L. Simon's continuing coverage of the situation.

Says Glenn;

Press coverage of UNScam, and particularly of the serious problems within the Volcker Committee, has been disappointing. I guess only amateur bloggers have the time, discipline, and resources to fully address this story.


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