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Friday, April 22, 2005

Heavy traffic

A couple of things.
I noticed the chrysanthemum I have hanging above my computer station looked a little dry and was need of a drink of water. So I booted up my HP, fetched my water can and watered the plant. By the time I got back to my station, the bootup was announcing over the speakers but the monitor picture was all psychedelic. The screen was turning vivid reds and greens. Before too long I remembered the water. Checking the top of my monitor for moisture, yes indeed, water had dripped from the plant into its works.
I said a quick prayer to the computing gods. After some fearful and bizarre imagery previously known only to Dennis Hopper, my monitor seems to be stabilizing now. Whew! I hope it's going to be okay. I'll never do that again. I've already moved the plant elsewhere.

The other thing, checking my blog meter today, I see my traffic has tripled. And I have no idea why. Technorati is only telling me of the live blogosphere up to the 16th of April. The sources on my meter do not tell me of any common cause.

If anyone knows why my traffic has spiked please leave me a comment
Maybe watering your computer helps attract surfers?

Update: Here is the chart showing my Friday spike in traffic. I can see no cogent reason for it. I think it just happened due to the alignment of Mars and Jupiter.


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