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Monday, April 04, 2005

Lileks' Diner

It's getting late and I really should be shuffling off to my bed. But it's past midnight and I remember that Lileks has promised to post his Diner "radio" show on The Bleat site. Guess I'm not going to bed just yet, as the file is clocked out at 38 minutes runtime.
Very nice show. I am a sucker for this show because it's about 1970s science fiction music. I'm a fan.

After some introductory ramblings apparently designed to lull the listener into a relaxed state of mind to accept the show, he treats us to a new wave tune I used to bop to in my punk rock days; "Ça Plane Pour Moi", by Plastic Bertrand.

Fortunately Lileks does not give me cause to commit suicide out of despair for his perfectly nailing this theme. In other words, I disagree with James on occasion. I can only shake my head in pity as James castigates terrific Gerry Anderson shows like Thunderbirds and Supercar. James has apparently never even seen an episode of Supercar. Coincidentally, I watched an episode just this morning called Amazonian Adventure. I am revisiting Supercar because I used to watch it as a young boy in my pajamas. Now I watch it as a middle-aged man in my pajamas. Back in the 1960s when I loved this show as broadcast on Axel's Treehouse Show, or some other such children's program. Could have been Captain Kangaroo, for all I remember. Readers of pinkmonkeybird may recall that I am especially a fan of Captain Scarlet. My pc is wired to play the Mysteron's threat everytime I reboot. I am in agreement with James regarding Space; 1999. This was perhaps the only "live action" show Anderson ever did and I never cared for it. While James does not approve of all of the music created, by Barry Gray, for Anderson's shows, he at least appreciates some of it. Thank Heaven for that, as Barry Gray was exceptional.

I'm listening now as Leonard Nimoy rendition of desiderata is playing. Nice. I've got some of Nimoy's Golden Throats stuff, but not this. Complete with James shooting a .38 slug thru Nimoy's skull near the end.

Ha ha.

I don't suppose I should say too much more about this file. You should listen to it yourself if you haven't already done so. Very entertaining. The idea is nostalgia and nostalgia is what it delivers....unless you're 20 years old, in which case it may seem like nothing more than a meaningless pile of drivel.


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