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Saturday, April 09, 2005

Medved Patriot Forum review

As I'd posted Thursday, I attended the am1280 Patriot Forum with Michael Medved. I don't usually go to these events as I don't see much value in them. After all, don't we get enough of these personalities in our heads when we can listen to them preach to us three hours per day, five days per week with repeats on the weekends?
The reason this one was different is that everyone who attended automatically received a free copy of Mr. Medved's new book, Right Turns: Unconventional Lessons from a Controversial Life. Anyone who wanted to wait in line could get Mr. Medved's autograph on the book copy. That's a pretty good value, I think. When you combine that with the fact that Michael Medved is a very engaging speaker with an intelligence that is insightful and unique, this event becomes all the more attractive. Specifically, I wanted to hear what he had to say about his formerly being a liberal and switching over to "the Dark Side of the Force." Since I am on this journey myself, I wanted to learn how Medved had been converted.
He touched on a few reasons. One of the most compelling is something I can say I have noticed for myself. Generally speaking, conservatives are nicer people than liberals are. He'd recounted his personal experience of working for Bella Abzug in New York City. She was very mean to her staff and had trouble keeping staff because of her cruelties. On the other hand, Medved has spoken to many staff members for the Bush White House and found that "you couldn't hope to work for a nicer family than the Bush family. They are courteous. They look you in the eye. They are respectful of your feelings. "
The caution that Michael Medved points out is that there is a great danger when a political figure thinks they have such high vaunted ideals for humanity that it does not matter how they treat the real and little people all around them. Josef Stalin was one of the most evil murderers in human history. Yet the Left continued to forgive and overlook his evil deeds because they felt he had such high ideals for the good of Man.

Of course, these forums do not function within a vacuum. They are attended by people with a conservative philosophy, many of whom I have come to meet and know over the course of my activism in the George W. Bush campaign for his reelection last November. And that's actually one of the biggest values of attending. It was a good time seeing friendly faces and saying hello, catching up on news and getting to know them better. There were a few surprises this time as I discovered that the blogger known as IndyJonz of The Attic is an old former co-worker of mine! Who'd a thunk? We had a very interesting conversation. Also, it was good to see the blogger known as Marcus Aurelius from that same blog, as we have been arguing over the new smoking ban. It's important for conservatives to remember they are friends and have mutual personal respect when they disagree on policy. Meeting Marcus helped the both of us remember that, I am sure.
I also met an old friend, Lori and her rock'n'roll companion. I have known Lori for many years out of the Minneapolis alternative rock scene. It's often a surprise to discover that an old friend from the leftie crowd is, like me, among the true rebels. Lori and her friend are cool enough to rebel against the established mindset of the rock ethos and hold conservative values in the face of expectations otherwise. I hear this all the time from my David Bowie friends, "How can you be a Bowie fan and support Bush? Don't you understand he's the enemy?"
Once again, that's a topic Medved touched upon. The true rebels on our college campuses are the conservatives. What a strange world we live in.

After a long wait, I was among the very last to get my book autographed. Mister Medved signed it, "For Scott--Continued good luck with pinkmonkeybird-Michael Medved". Unfortunately, he was very tired after what must have been a very long day and he barely looked me in the eye, dismissing me in a truncated manner so he could autograph the next book and get out of there. I had asked him, while he scribbled away in my book, "Michael, do you think Hollywood might make a movie like Legal Eagles about the bloggers?" In case you have forgotten or didn't know, Michael Medved, besides being a political conservative spokesman, is also a very knowledgeable film critic. In fact, that's how I first heard of him years ago when he was co-host in a Siskel and Ebert style television show.
"Yes, it seems like a very good idea as the blogs have come in a big way recently." Next.

Michael Medved is a very nice guy and is a very courteous gentleman. Hey, if he can appear less than generous with others as he did with me, that only goes to show that despite the fact that we may try the best we can to be so, sometimes we cannot. I'd like to take this opportunity to apologize to anyone who I have truncated in my day to day encounters. God is within you and I respect you as a human being. For instance, Sandy of the M.A.W.B Squad. I couldn't remember her name, though I knew who she was. It was nice to see her there.

I didn't think Medved had enough to say about my movie question. So I emailed Roger L. Simon to ask his opinion. He's a screenwriter. Roger got back to me and said, "Why not? But as with all movies, you need a good story."

With both of these gentlemen, my question was actually fishing for a deeper answer. They are both connected in the industry. I was looking for some shred of comment that they might know of such a script that is already being passed around in Hollywood or the independent film circuits. It seems inevitable to me.

Come to think of it, John "Rocketman" Hinderacker bears a slight resemblance to Robert Redford. Although Redford is a bit too old to play him. Sorry Robert.


  • At 9:38 PM, Blogger Sandy said…

    I wasn't slighted in the least. As I said, you're not the first to call me Cathy, (aka St. Kate). I'm a huge fan of her writing, so why not take it as a compliment?

    Besides, I'm not exactly easy to keep track of, starting as DC at Brainstorming, then moving to Sandy at MAWB Squad.

    Nice to see you. We would have chatted longer, but we were headed outside to have a smoke.

  • At 12:01 AM, Blogger pinkmonkeybird said…

    Thanks Sandy.
    And I was not slighted by Medved's shortness.
    See you at the next thingie.


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