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Sunday, April 03, 2005

MN smoking ban

I just now got back from the Uptown Bar. It's my first visit there since the smoking ban was instituted three days ago.
"So how's the ban going?" I asked Bob the bartender.
"Great. I love it," he said.

And he was right.

For once there wasn't a foul weed's smoke drifting into my eyes, seeping into my clothes, clogging my lungs.

I find the debate over this ban to be very humorous. The Republican-Conservatives maintain that the government has no right to legislate any such ban. The establishments should be free to do as they please and the clientele should be free to go where they want.
Good point. Let's allow public spitting to return to our bars. If you like spit, you can go to a spit bar. If you don't like spit, you can go to a fascist bar that prohibits spitting.
Spitting is our God-given right. If God had not wanted us to spit He would have not imbued us with saliva.

The facts are out on tobacco. Second hand smoke is harmful to your health, to say nothing of the first hand.

I used to smoke. There was a long gray area in my time when I didn't bother to buy smokes. But when I was at a bar and the stuff was in the air, I felt a need to burn one of my own. So I'd offer to buy a coffin nail for a quarter from some hapless patron. They'd usually insist that I was good for it and could have one. Or two.
Then, next morning I'd wonder why I did that. Cigarette hangovers are worse than the alcohol kind. They hurt. Anyways, I got past all that. I haven't smoked for a good 3-4 years now.

If I understand the ban adequately, it is quite inconsistent. Some municipalities allow smoking. Some bars are allowing smoking if their business is not to some degree food related. That's all fine. No reason to be absolute about it. Let the smokers have someplace to blow their brains out and develop a nice case of malignant cancer. Thank Heaven I don't have to be there when they do it.

I applaud the smoking ban. The Conservative-Republicans can suck my Old Gold.

But I make this pledge to you, dear pinkmonkeybird reader: I pledge to thoroughly investigate this bar smoking ban issue. I pledge to you with all my heart and soul that I will continue to pound the pavements of Minneapolis, stopping in at jook joints and haberdasheries for a nitecap or two to learn of the impact that this smoking ban is having upon our fair city.

It's the least I can do for you.


  • At 11:17 PM, Blogger R-Five said…

    Until you can show me a stack of Death Certificates listing second-hand smoke as even a contributing factor, I must stay with the abundant scientific and medical evidence to the contrary.

    Besides, this was all voluntary and should remain so. Don't like it? Don't walk in.

  • At 12:43 AM, Blogger pinkmonkeybird said…

    Don't be silly, R-five.

    Second hand smoke is deadly. Prove me wrong.
    I didn't know until now that you are employed by the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Corp.

  • At 12:19 PM, Blogger American Lung Association of Minnesota said…

    Pinkmonkeybird, you got it right on this one -- I must admit I was a little surprised on your take on this issue, having looked at the same on other MOB sites. Serves me right for making assumptions.

    You are correct that there is no doubt on the health risks of secondhand smoke. The workplace just got a lot healthier for all the hospitality workers in Hennepin County (and select places in Ramsey County).

    R-five, death certificates don't work that way, and you know it. If you are going to take a pro-smoke stand, at least take one that isn't so lame.

  • At 9:22 PM, Blogger R-Five said…

    I say again, show me the Death Certificates. I'm serious. There should be plenty if the threat of second-hand smoke is going to live up to all this press. Meanwhile, the U.N.'s World Health Organization that started some of this hysteria has since retracted these claims, noting that if anything, there may be an inverse relationship.

    But the larger point remains that no such law was ever necessary for you not to breathe second-hand smoke. What's next? Are you going to complain about the menu? The music? The wallpaper?

    Nothing personal, PMB. I just don't like armed police supervising my breakfast.

  • At 10:19 AM, Blogger pinkmonkeybird said…


    Your melodramatic demand for death certificates is probably not possible.
    But then, I think you already knew that when you asked for it.
    However, I can offer the following link and a copy& paste from that site, including its documentation.

    Secondhand smoke causes approximately 3,000 lung cancer deaths and 35,000 heart disease deaths in adult nonsmokers in the United States each year.
    -California Environmental Protection Agency. Health Effects of Exposure to Environmental Tobacco Smoke. September 1997.

    You say, "Don't like it? Don't walk in."
    I object to bands of air polluting individuals hijacking concert arenas and public gather places to their ill advised and unhealthy whims. We are all the more fortunate that these bans have given us back clean air and the liberty to enjoy those spaces without harm.

    Don't like it? Stay home and smoke or take a walk outdoors.

  • At 9:44 AM, Blogger marcus aurelius said…

    Sorry, Pink you've been drinking the kool aid on this one; secondhand smoke is not hazardous, the city of St. Louis Park Environmental Health Dept. proved that in it's tests in 2004.

    Furthermore, do you know who pays our politicians for a smoking ban...non other than Johnson & Johnson "pusher" of alternative nicotine delivery systems...and you've believed their bogus info. supplied thru Lung Assoc. & Cancer Society etc. go ahead see who is contributing to the "health" organizations--J & J front company Robert Wood Johnson Foundation see this post;

  • At 3:03 PM, Blogger American Lung Association of Minnesota said…

    Mr. Smokeeater -- I mean marcus -- I'm surprised you are still peddling your sad little “St. Louis Park study” after the bruising you took from Rep. Lutz at the last Senate hearing on the Freedom to Breathe Act of 2005. Lutz represents St. Louis Park and is one of the House authors of the statewide smoking bill.

    Other than us both having mild asthma and a fondness for the Boston Terrier breed, I doubt if you and I will ever see eye to eye on this issue. I still hope that you will begin to see the light, as some other opponents have recently.

    Take it easy, buddy, and give your BT another chew stick for me...

    Bob from the Lung Association


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