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Thursday, April 28, 2005

MOB stands for Mothers Opposed To Bush?

Hot on the heels of Jonah Goldberg's appearance at the U of M the other day as a guest speaker for CFACT, here is Mr. Goldberg's latest article from NRO. It's entitled, You're A Mean One, Mr. Bolton.

This paragraph mentions another MOB besides the Minnesota Organization of Bloggers;

Bolton's other accusers aren't as colorful, but they are usually just as partisan. The founder of the Dallas chapter of MOB — Mothers Opposing Bush — claims that 11 years ago Bolton threw a file at her in a Russian hotel lobby, or something like that. And this week she wrote a letter to the lefty-Democratic blog/bulletin board Daily Kos to rally the troops in her favor in anticipation of revelations she was a plagiarist a long time ago.

Can't the Minnesota MOB prove that we had the name first? If so, maybe we can coax the other MOB to change their acronym to MFOB. Seems appropriate to me.

I've said this before, the political center-right seems to have a much greater abundance of creativity and humor than the left these days. And there are a few good chuckles in this piece as well. Coming from Goldberg, that's no surprise.
Although, I will allow that it's probably not very funny if you're a Democrat.

Update; I see I've committed a slight slip of the tongue. My title calls them Mothers Opposed To Bush. It should more precisely be Mothers Opposing Bush, as Goldberg says. I see that my friend Doug of Bogus Gold has linked to my post and he's not very happy about this other MOB. I can well imagine that soon both MOBs will be taking to the streets with rakes, shovels and burning torches; blood hounds baying at the full moon in a terrible clash at night......
No, nevermind. That was just an image James Lileks planted in my brains some months ago.


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