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Saturday, April 16, 2005

The nuclear option

The NARN is discussing the "Nuclear Option" (coined by Trent Lott).

It should be noted that the Republican Party should not be eager to use this so-called option, though it appears to be very necessary.The Dems find themselves in a win-win situation, ironically without power.

Win; If the GOP doesn't find the nerve to use this option, they get to continue to block the president's nominees.

Win: If the GOP uses the nuclear option, they get to scream bloody murder about ruthless Republican abuses of power, charges stroked by the MSM.

Of course, that latter scenario contains the, for them, painful component of seeing Republican appointed judges gaining the bench. For the GOP the options are also mixed. If they do not use the option, they will see their rightful exercise of power thwarted by a minority and they will undoubtedly suffer strains internally for the high profile loss of will to flex its muscle. If they use the nuclear option, the bench will see the additon of Republican appointments, but there is a downside. The heat will be on as the Left will charge abuse of power.
That charge will be examined in detail for many weeks in the aftermath and I think the fire will be put out over time.

One of Geo. W. Bush's goals is to find a way around bitter partisanship in Washington. The use of the nuclear option will inflame that malady. This may go some way toward explaining why Republican leadership is hesitant to drop this bomb.
Nevertheless, as the Japanese asked for and deserved Fat Man in 1945, the Democrats are asking for and deserve the nuclear option in 2005.

Let's drop the big one now.


  • At 5:45 PM, Blogger R-Five said…

    NOT doing anything is a huge win for the Democrats. I agree - drop the big one, but let's call it the Constitutional Option.


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