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Saturday, April 23, 2005

Tom Friedman deconstruction

Power Line has this brilliant brick by brick teardown of Thomas Friedman's writing style.

It's not any one thing in particular that makes him insufferable, but rather a combination of flaws -- vacuity, lack of insight, and a chump's will to be duped.

Listing and numbering the ways that Friedman operates one of those included is this;

4. Use the next few paragraphs to further define the contradiction stated above, peppered with little questions making it look like you're having a conversation with the reader. Feel free to use the first person:

a. "My first thought was to ask: Why no collect calls from Bethlehem? It's easy to call collect from Bosnia, Kosovo, even Uzbekistan. Am I sure? Of course I'm sure. I was in each of those places just a few weeks ago, making collect calls all over the world. No problem. So why can't Arafat call collect from Bethlehem?"

So typical of Friedman's style. Friedman is just as pompous on television. Sometimes he's a guest on the Jim Lehrer News Hour and he speaks to the issues as though he's explaining to a child.

This analysis by the Power Line boys is right on the money. I hope they never take aim at pinkmonkeybird...hehe...fat chance.


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