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Friday, April 29, 2005

W's address to nation

I was finishing my workout at the gym last night just before 7 p.m., when the president was about to address the nation on television, followed by a question & answer period. If I went straight home, I'd only be able to hear the address on radio. So I hopped onto a treadmill with my nose about four feet from a ceiling mounted television screen, tuned to CNN.
I think W did well. He was very congenial in his manner. I couldn't help but think, the whole while, how odd it is that I have so much respect for this courageous and energetic man, while others despise him and hate him so much they just see red whenever his image or voice are in the room. The best explanation for both reactions is that this is because he is successful.

Two primary messages came from the address. The president spoke first and foremost about energy. This was not a casual selection. The high price of gas is the leading cause of W's decline in the polls. Human nature says that if the price of gas is too high, we've got to blame somebody and the president is the obvious target.
Seeing as how I was on the treadmill for an additional hour, surrounded by other people who were running, lifting weights and climbing virtual stairways on machines, I realized I was surrounded by the transfer of energy that is just evaporating into thin air. Why not hook these machines up to a gigantic battery that would store all that energy? These machines could be adapted so as to run entirely on human sweat, storing the excess energy that is created when another floor is mounted or another mile run or another 50 pounds lifted and then set down.
This innovation would accomplish two things. It would allow the nation to become more energy independent and it would encourage Americans to get more exercise.

When I got off that treadmill at the conclusion of the hour-long event, I was tired and happy the last question had been taken. Who knows how many hours of wattage I might have generated if my workout had been saved?

Maybe long enough to power my television for the Democratic Party response to the president's address.


  • At 1:49 PM, Blogger American Lung Association of Minnesota said…

    An interesting idea, PMB.

    Speaking of energy, did you hear about the new wind turbine in Morris, MN? One big problem with wind-generated electricity is the cost of the transmission line ($1 million per mile) needed to get the power from the windmills in the sparsely populated areas where the wind always blows (read North Dakota) to where most people live. At the U at Morris they plan to use the electricity generated to make hydrogen from water, store the hydrogen underground near the wind turbine (now the remote location is a plus) and truck the hydrogen to future alternative fuel stations on the major highways.

    Some of our friends were in Morris the day (Earth Day) Pawlenty dedicated the turbine, selling E85 fuel for 85 cents a gallon.

    We Minnesotans are always coming up with good ideas to solve the energy crisis. Keep 'em coming!

  • At 9:49 PM, Blogger pinkmonkeybird said…

    Thanks Bob.
    If my whimsical idea is a good one and is realized one day, I would be the first person to fall off his treadmill in shock.
    I hope you could see the ever so slight smirk on my face as I wrote this piece.
    Still, I may have a future as an inventor. I wonder if this idea has been patented yet.


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