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Saturday, May 21, 2005

European americans

The bit from The Corner below was enough to tip me off to this recent article by Mr. Goldberg. I think Jonah is on to something. And it's why I became a Republican and why I regard the Republican Party to be The American Party while the Democrats are The Internationalist Party. A former friend of mine and anti-Bushie asked me in the wake of 9/11, "Why are people flying the American flag? What does that mean?"

That he had to ask spoke volumes to me. (And by the way, he's not a "former friend" because of his politics. He's a former friend because he is incessantly negative. Hmmmm....maybe there is a connection.)

Meanwhile, I ordered my own Stars & Stripes from W's campaign store online.

Another liberal acquaintance, in a conversation with me, opined that the United Nations has identified the U.S. as being in violation of international law and doesn't that mean the U.S. should heed the U.N.'s directives?

I firmly answered no, pointing out that the U.N. is occupied by thugs and dictators.

I think Jonah's right.


  • At 11:30 PM, Anonymous Rob Hewitt said…


    You made the Right choice! Glad to have you on Team America!

    Rob Hewitt
    SD63 Offensive Line
    Team America


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