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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

More good things happening in iraq

Wait a minute. What? Good things happening in Iraq? I thought there was nothing but more killing and car bombs over there. But Chrenkoff reports that there is another sort of car bomb in Iraq; the explosion of car sales.
If you scroll to the section of good news about the Iraqi stock market, you'll find that it's doing well. As we all know from our own stock market here in the United States, stocks don't do well if there is little confidence in its future. This good trend for the stock market in Iraq has to mean there is a general confidence that the recovery is on track and Iraqi markets are expected to do well and make money in the future.

Somebody should tell the New York Times. Their one sided reporting of all the death and carnage in Iraq isn't good for business and despite their myopic reporting, business is booming.


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