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Friday, May 20, 2005

Resetting my vcr

As recently as last Sunday I blogged that I was making a point of not watching Meet The Press with Tim Russert. Then this story came out. Democratic Party Chair Howard Dean will make his first major television interview since his election to that post....for the full hour! Russert is expected to confront Dean on his statements that DeLay should go back to Texas and complete his prison sentence and Rick Santorum is a liar. (?) As if those mysterious evidences of behavior are not enough, Russert will ask Dean why he's been so poor at raising money for the party.

This is must watch television and I will be reprogramming my VCR so that I will be sure not to sleep through it. So, was I wrong last week when I stated that Tim Russert is a dinosaur? No, I don't think so. Most of Meet The Press is dull television loaded with "gotcha" questions and a lot of humbuggery and a liberal bias slant. Besides the occasional special guest such as Howard Dean, most any statement uttered on the program would be preferably grabbed from transcripts rather than wasting an hour watching the whole borefest.

I doubt Dean will commit anything quite so show stopping as his famous scream this Sunday. But you never know. He's unpredictable.


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