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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Intracompany communication

The Strib editorial page has been getting a lot of heat since their lost-all-bearings pro-Durbin piece of yesterday. James Lileks works at the same paper and is sometimes accused of being part of the vast right wing noise machine. He takes exception with the piece (reportedly written by Jim Boyd) in his Screedblog.

Of the Strib's defense of Sen. Durbin I have nothing to say. Any editorial that describes Gitmo as a "hellhole" has no words left for any other actual holes o' hell, unless we're going to layer hell like Dante, with different tiers for different states. I will note that more elderly people died of the Paris heat than appear to have perished from Gitmo conditions, but of course that doesn't reflect on Paris, Parisiens, or the ability of the French to make air conditioners cheap and readily available. No, it's this:

"By caving in, Durbin did just what the orchestrated right-wing smear effort required to succeed:"

Orchestrated? You really have to believe in all sorts of deep dark conspiratorial drivel to think that there was a coordinated effort. Apparently they believe that there's a vast, well-oiled propaganda distribution machine with a big red handle in Karl Rove's office; he throws the switch, and the information courses out to the talk shows and the blogs. You can think this if you wish, but you look foolish before anyone who has any experience in, oh, talk radio and blogs.

Naturally, this is a delicate matter for Lileks to take on, as he has to remember that he's employed by the Strib. His screed is purely defensive and clarifies for any who care to take note, that he is not part of any such conspiracy, but just another guy making a living writing pieces, blogging and doing a bit of radio on the side.

So, Lileks doesn't push the question, but I'd like to know what kind of man is Jim Boyd to write such a charge of his co-worker in the newspaper?


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