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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Two bits' worth

Whether you call it a 25 cent piece, a quarter of a dollar or two bits, there is a damn serious vote going on over at Radio Blogger. The contenders are the State of Minnesota and the State of Colorado; Who has the best design for the new quarter dollar?
I think it's obvious that Minnesota has the better design. It's got a fetching likeness of the State Bird, the Common Loon, floating in the peaceful waters with a tree-lined piece of real estate in the background. It's lush and beautiful. Comparing that to Colorado's design showing a stupid rock and some bland trees huddled beneath it, Minnesota should garner far more votes.

But that ain't a gonna happen unless you, dear reader, go there right now and cast your vote. Please vote for Minnesota and vote often. Tell 'em pinkmonkeybird sent ya.


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