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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Fall oak street cinema schedule

My favorite movie theater in the Twin Cities has released its Fall season calendar. Through Netflix, I've gained a newfound appreciation for Japanese samurai movies. Especially if they star Toshiro Mifune, one of the most amazing leading actors in the history of film. So I'll be sure to catch as many of these installments as possible.
The schedule includes a Luis Bunuel retrospective, notable for their scintillating subversiveness. Even if one finds Bunuel to be offensive, his films are still provocative food for thought.
Also included and worth a viewing is Sergio Leone's uncut version of Once Upon A Time In The West. I'm down for that one, as well if my schedule allows. And it almost always does.
There are too many good movies on the new calendar for me to cover here. So check it out yourself.

I go to the movies by myself. Some people find that strange. Why? Once in awhile I run into a friend there. We don't need company to see a movie. Oh sure, before and after the lights go down, I suppose one could have someone to talk to. But during the screening, everyone should keep their yaps shut and watch the movie. I bring a book or a magazine to keep myself occupied before the movie begins. But if you like the schedule and want to join me, just email me and we can hook up.

Naturally, I'll be blogging about these movies after I attend their screenings. Stay tuned.


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