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Sunday, August 14, 2005

House painting and islamic jihad

I've just finished a bit of touch up painting on the front side of Zazudu mansion. It's a job that I've been wanting to get around to since Springtime. But early-season rains and mid-season heatwaves persuaded me to wait until milder weather prevailed. I had to take down my American flag to do this paint job.
(By the way, speaking of Zazu, she's doing well. I've changed her diet and she's regaining weight.)

Naturally, I had am1280 The Patriot on my radio while I was up on the ladder. The Michael Medved show was airing. I am very surprised to learn that Mr. Medved is "agnostic" in regard to the Tancredo Option. Today's show is a rebroadcast from Friday, perhaps, with guest Robert Spencer, author of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades).
To his credit, Medved's position is that "even talking about bombing Mecca promotes new recruits for Islamic jihad"

Still, Medved's agnostic position places him pretty close to the "idiot" category that Hugh Hewitt identifies.

I believe that it is important to remember that the vast majority of Muslims are peaceful folks who admire western values and economic successes. Just because the Koran has some very severe and scary passages about killing infidels does not damn all of Islam as a religion of hate. I work hand in hand with a few Muslims at my job. If I thought Islam was a religion of hate, I would be continually fearful that today is the day I will get my throat slit by one of them.
Of course, all the Muslims I am in contact with are people who'd made a decision to relocate in America to begin a new life. (Unless you want to believe that they are merely here to join a terrorist cell and slit my throat. I know that's not the case.)

The scary aspect is the tipping point. If Islamic jihad had a number of successes, would these peaceful Muslims accept the notion that this is the will of Allah and His will be done? I honestly do not know the answer to that question.

I do believe that if Islamic jihad does away with the good ol' United States of America, there would be a worldwide depression and lowering of global wealth and most Muslims (not to mention other folk) would regret the demise of The Great Satan.
I can only pray that the Islamic Fascists do not and never will possess wmd. I never want to have to reconsider the Tancredo Option. The only hope of winning this war is to administer enough defeats to the jihadists in order to push Islam into dramatic reform. And that's a plus. Islam has suffered so many defeats over the years. This defeat will be the hardest one of all. They will have to admit there is something terribly wrong. They will have to reform.

In a few hours the sun will drop below the trees. The paint on Zazudu mansion will be dry and I will be able to climb back up on my ladder to hoist up The Stars and Stripes. These colors don't run.


  • At 8:21 AM, Blogger OXEN said…

    I love the guests Medved has on and how he lets callers talk to them. Especially the lefties.

    It's to bad they only played the one hour w/ Robert Spencer, he was on for another and the 2nd was even better IMO.

    I just pick up his new book over the weekend. Not a bad price either, only $20.

    I'm still kinda up in the air w/ the whole bombing the Kaaba thing. These killers are going to kill regardless of what we bomb. [Unless of course we know where they are and can bomb them first.]

    On the other hand in Islam they believe that the Kaaba can not be destroyed. So if we destroy it will their faith be destroyed too?

    And I'll agree w/ you that most muslims here in the US aren't dangerous, I think they're muslim because it fashionable or they're not "true" muslims that do believe you and I are infidels and need to be converted or killed.

    The ones that scare me are the ones we can't see.

    You read Paul Sperry's Infiltration"?

    Scary stuff.....

    Nice blog BTW, I'll have to check back later.



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