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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Hugh fakes it

Regular readers of this blog know that I am a big fan of The Hugh Hewitt Show. Imho, it's the best political talk show on radio. I listen to it from the gym. While my body grows more muscular from lifting weights and my heart stays healthy from swimming and climbing a StairMaster-like machine, my brain is fed information and good political arguments.
Hugh was gone all last week whilst soaking up the good life on a cruise with fans. And he finally returned this past Monday. He broadcasted yesterday (Tuesday), but his voice was weak and he complained that he felt fine, but his voice was just gone from some illness that he gets a couple times per year. Realizing that this story didn't make much sense, he changed the line and started saying he was sick. He'd hinted that he was going to have to tap another substitute to cover for him for Wednesday and Wednesday only, while his voice recovered.
True to form, Hugh was gone from the show today. His substitute had been fed the excuse we'd heard on Tuesday...that Hugh had some kind of "bug" that he'd dragged back with him from Russia.

Well I'm not buying it. Hugh is faking it. Oh, his voice is gone, alright. But it's not gone from an illness like the avian flu, as Hugh would have us believe. See, Hugh is a proud guy. He can't tell us the truth. Hugh's voice is gone because he wore it out on Monday. He just plain strained it. How do I know this? Because I listened to the whole Monday program and Hugh was nearly unbearable to hear.
He was like a Pekingese pup that's been locked up in the kitchen all day while the family is away. Returning home to puppy Hugh, the Pekingese pup is piddling on the floor with excitement and yapping with happiness.
Yap Yap Yap Yap Yap Yap Yap Yap Yap Yap Yap Yap Yap Yap.

Hugh's voice was pushed like that all three hours long, practically shouting, he was so hap hap hap happy, happy, happy to be back on the Hugh Hewitt Show with his beloved listeners.

I have noticed that Hugh uses this strained voice most when he does not have much substance to speak of. When he's dead on to a subject of political weight, his voice is calm, measured and rings with pleasant tones. He's using it properly.
But when Hugh's got just fun stuff like trashing Generalissmo or Peeps, his voice is very pushed. I think he instinctively does this because he feels he has to compensate for the lack of content by shifting his voice into "entertainment" mode.

Not a good idea, Hugh. See what it does to your larynx? Even more than that, see what it does to my ears? They're bleeding. But what choice do I have while I'm working out at the gym? Fortunately, some of the building structure interfered with my radio reception and I wasn't getting the Pinkingese pup effect full force on my eardrums, or I would be deaf by now.

I'm sure Hugh will be fine tomorrow. He's speaking quietly today while he rests. Maybe he's even taking a little lemon juice in his tea. But Hugh, do your voice a huge favor and moderate your speaking. Breathe with relaxation and allow your vocal cords to resonate. Sure, get hyper when you speak of the Pittsburgh Steelers, but take care not to overuse that pushed voice.

If you do, it will only make you "sick" again.

Before I get off the subject of Hugh, though, has anyone else noticed the radio ads he does for the Patriot? He does one ad wherein he claims that he doesn't want to mispronounce even one word. But immediately following that ad he does another in which he's mispronouncing "cooking odors". It sounds like he says "cooking orders".

Love the show, Hugh. Welcome back.


  • At 12:10 PM, Blogger OXEN said…


    Ya gotta admit it was funny when he was talking about the Russian Art gallery..


    I was on hold one time just before Hugh was going to take a few days break and he was taping one of those radio spots during the commercial breaks, well someone must have forgotten to flip a switch cause I heard him reading the commercial. He started and stopped about 6 times and started over at a few spots. At the end he told the guy. "I hope you can make that work."

    So they do cut him up a bit.

  • At 12:39 PM, Blogger pinkmonkeybird said…

    I'm glad you take this post in the spirit of fun it was intended to be. Hugh's great and I wouldn't want anyone to think I'm attacking him.
    Yeah, I blam the director of the ad. It's his job to ask Hugh to do it over again when he hears "orders" rather than "odors".

    I wonder what Hugh's annual income is. He works all the time.


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