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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Lileks delivers a belly laugh

The other day a mused about why I read Lileks.
I think he comes up with the occasional brilliant insight and more often than not, he makes me laugh. Lileks has a shtick, and he's good at it. He interprets photographs.
Most of us look at a picture and merely see....ahhhhhhh....a picture. Lileks sees a picture and weird, wild stuff comes to mind. He zooms into the details like a hawk. Some would say a war hawk.

This is not a groundbreaking observation on my part. He's sold lots of books based on this talent. Hey, we all know that the male is more keenly hyped for visual stimulation. Take that talent and a predilection for Film Noir and you've got a bonafide 5'4' macho bard on your hands.
But he's self-effacing too, which saves him from being an overbearing boor. And that brings me back to this morning's satisfying laugh.

"I look nothing like this little guy; that picture looks like some mascot for a meatpacking company in the Polish District."

There are other humorous things in this post. But for some reason, this characterization made me choke on my Sugar Pops. Yes, I read Lileks most every day.

Why not?


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