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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Michael Yon's blog

Michael Yon's battleground blog has been getting increased exposure and more Americans are becoming aware of it and the reporting it brings. Yesterday Yon was interviewed on the Hugh Hewitt Show and he was asked about how many hits his meter is showing. He said he recently got "100,000 unique visitors".
Also, appropriately, since Lieutenant Col. Kurilla of the Deuce Four unit Yon is following is from Minneapolis, the StarTribune is giving some ink to Yon's blog.

Kurilla was running when he was shot, but he didn't seem to miss a stride; he did a crazy judo roll and came up shooting.

BamBamBamBam! Bullets were hitting all around Kurilla. The young 2nd lieutenant and specialist were the only two soldiers near. Neither had real combat experience. [The interpreter] had no weapon. I had a camera.

Seconds count.

Kurilla, though down [sic] and unable to move, was fighting and firing, yelling at the two young soldiers to get in there; but they hesitated. BamBamBamBam!

Once the firefight was over, Kurilla wouldn't quit giving orders. Yon wrote that medics needed extra morphine to subdue him. He had a mangled right leg and gunshot wounds in his other leg and arm.

Kurilla, who's stationed at Fort Lewis, Wash., went to Iraq in October. He graduated from West Point in 1988 and is a veteran of the U.S. invasion of Panama, the first Persian Gulf War, and has served in Haiti, Bosnia and Kosovo.

He did not want the hospital to release any information regarding his medical condition, a hospital spokeswoman said.

Raye said that Kurilla's wife wasn't interested in being interviewed but that "she's doing great."

Kurilla, who grew up in Minnesota, has two daughters under the age of 6, Raye said, and his mother still lives in Minnesota.

I once stated my opinion that blogs will gain a sympathetic/symbiotic relationship with the msm. This is evidence that I was right. It's happening. The newspapers are growing to understand that they can't ignore the blogs. They have to assimilate them.
Also, I think this kind of reporting from Yon is, or will be vastly more interesting to the American reading public than the Birkenstock Army's shameful exploits down in Crawford, Texas.


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