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Friday, August 05, 2005

Summer's slipping away

Ya gotta live for summer while summer is here to live. And so I decided it was necessary to go to Midway Stadium this evening to watch some outdoor baseball. By my count, there are only 16 home games remaining this regular season, including tonight's game. If ya don't spring into action and just go, before you know it the season is over and you're raking dead leaves in your yard.
We won! We beat the Lincoln Salt Dogs 5-2.

I took the pinkmonkeybike to the game whilst listening to Carol Platt Liebau and some guy named Mark McDonald as substitutes for Hugh Hewitt. The show was so good leading into the game that I decided to watch the game with my eyes and listen to the radio program with my ears. I guess you could say that's multimedia.
So I'm sittin' there drinking it all in when I spot a familiar face in the stands; Tom Swift of Pair O' Dice blog is just down in the adjoining section! And I owe Swiftee a beer or two anyways from last Saturday's picnic. So I invited myself over to his clan's gathering.

I'm sure Swiftee was impressed when Chad Ehrnsberger came to the plate and I informed him that this Saint swings the big bat. I've seen him hit a dinger or two in games gone by.

"Oh yeah?", says Swiftee.

And right on cue, Ehrnsberger knocks a 3-run homer over the left field wall.


I felt a bit like the Bambino, calling the homers before they are hit. Except I didn't hit it. I just called it whilst sipping my Summit Pale Ale. And then Ehrnsberger hit it for me.

Beautiful night for a bike ride. I missed my workout at the gym for this ballgame, but I got a goodly amount of exercise with my ride. This summer lifestyle could get habit forming if it weren't for the fact that Minnesota has all four seasons in all their glory.

It was good to celebrate it with the Infidels at Midway.


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