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Sunday, August 21, 2005

This week

Just for giggles, I decided to watch This Week with George Stephanopolous. It has the general demeanor of al Jazeera these days. According to the opinions and gist of news stories on this show, we are losing the war in Iraq, the American economy is tanking, SCOTUS nominee John Roberts is a dubious man who leaves women uneasy about his beliefs, the nation's anti-war movement is crystallized now in the person of Cindy Sheehan and President Bush is now on the defensive in waging the war.

Paul Krugman give a bug-eyed "analysis" that some of the numbers of the economy are not too bad, but that doesn't answer the reality that Americans don't "feel good" about it.

Might that be, Paul, because Democrat shills like yourself and George keep banging the "everything sucks" drum?

I don't understand George Will. He should have had a field day mopping up the floor with these distortions. Is it possible that he's been bought off?

This program is practically indistinguishable from the little comedy bites they screen before each commercial break. Jay Leno comedy bites, David Letterman comedy bites, John Stewert comedy bites; all sandwiching George Stephanopolous comedy real meal deal.

All very humorous and not to be taken seriously. Oh, did I mention that Republican Chuck Hagel has now become a comedian? He's claiming that Iraq now looks indistinguishable from the guerilla war in Vietnam. He also claims that W should meet with Sheehan.

Update: Steve Malzberg is substituting for Bill Bennett on that morning radio program. He's playing sound bites from this very same show. But he's focusing on George Will's contributions to the discussion. I have to say in retrospect that Will actually is mopping up the floor with his arguments. It was unfair of me to question if he had been bought off.
But the way the show is stacked against Will made it seem to me at the time that he wasn't trying hard enough.
I think that would have to be because the liberals in the room far outnumbered lonesome Will. It was like a pro-wrestling match in which a whole biker gang of wrestlers are all slamming the guy with glasses and nice hair with their folding chairs.
One last note. Malzberg keeps calling Paul Krugman by the name of Jack Krugman. Could he be thinking of this guy?


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