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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Zazu and her 9 lives

It was a week ago today that I became very concerned for my pet cat's heath. She'd stopped eating and using her sandbox and I found a few puddles of vomit. By Wednesday, I'd taken her to the vet where she'd been pre-screened and kidney failure was diagnosed. They offered to perform a $200 proceedure that would flush her kidneys and digestive tract, but I declined because she's nearly 19 years old.
I changed her diet and began allowing her to roam outdoors.

I don't know how many more days we can expect Zazu to remain in good health, but she sure has rebounded! Her appetite is back and she's quite alert and apparently happy.

I guess cats don't need their kidneys. Or the vet's office needed $200. I don't know which is true.


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