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Saturday, September 03, 2005

State fair

I went to the State Fair today. Primarily, I went to see the NARN broadcast live from the Patriot booth. But I also wanted to meet up with any other bloggers who had the same idea and I wanted to sample some food and see the sights.
I did all the above, but I also got soaked. It rained repeatedly.

I hope to go back tomorrow when the weather is forecast to be nicer and warmer and NARN is promising to devote some airtime to bloggers like me.

The only other blogger I met up with today was my friend Todd of Kowabunga. We had a chance to discuss Star Trek and I took the opportunity of sharing with Todd my idea for a new retro-Star Trek show. He thought it was sound. I am sure that there are few others in the blogosphere who are so well qualified as Todd to judge the soundness of a new Star Trek program. So I am vilified.

I managed to sample a scotch egg. Yum. It was good. I seasoned mine with horseradish and honeymustard, as was recommended by NARN. But you know what? It was also cumbersome. The first bite or two from a stick are fine. But as you progress toward devouring the whole thing, it falls off the stick and it's really quite the mess. I imagine that eating a scotch egg would be quite a bit more elegant and pleasurable if it were served in an alabaster dish with knife and fork. A maidservant attendant to my chin dribble would be handy, too.
Do they serve scotch eggs at the Renaissance Festival? If so, maybe they've addressed these concerns. I don't know. And I doubt I'll ever know, as I refuse to go to that least not without wearing a Star Trek uniform. If I have to be in that festival, I want to be playing the part of a red shirt.
Beam me down, Scotty.


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