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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy thanksgiving day

I write today from my parents' spacious ranch in Apple Valley. I hope you will have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day. Today is Michael Medved's favorite holiday. Today is PETAs least favorite holiday. We give thanks for what we have and for the opportunities to prosper.

Here is a link to the White House's thoughts on this day.

Thanksgiving is a holiday rooted in the American spirit of gratitude and sharing. We see this spirit in America today. When the communities along the Gulf Coast were devastated by Hurricane Katrina, Americans came together to provide help for their neighbors in need. It was a remarkable outpouring of compassion and generosity. That outpouring of compassion demonstrated once again that the great strength of our country lies in the hearts and souls of our citizens.
We also give thanks on Thanksgiving for our many blessings, and we thank those who are far away from home who protect our freedoms. It's through the courage and skill of our Armed Forces that we're safe as a nation, and we're very proud of their service.
We think of our military families who will have an empty seat at the table this Thanksgiving. The American people are thankful for the sacrifice of the American military families, as well. America's men and women in uniform and their families have our gratitude -- not only on Thanksgiving, but on every day.


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