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Saturday, November 05, 2005

New signposts

I suddenly realized that I am now able to type at my keyboard with two hands once again. After all, typing doesn't involve lifting with the arm. It merely involves coordinating the fingers. Fortunately, I can do that and I can do so painlessly and effortlessly.

The other new function returning to me is washing the dishes. When my arm broke, I had a sink full of dirty dishes that I'd meant to get around to. But the broken arm prohibited my doing so. Maybe I could have done them if I'd applied super-human effort. But hey, a broken arm has to be good for some things, don't it? It served as an excuse to not wash the dishes for awhile. I would have had to wrap my left arm in a plastic bag to keep the splint dry. Also, that splint was heavy. Lifting my arm was painful. And that meant that I would have been forced to find ways to use it as little as frickin' possible.
Now that the splint is off, I'm washing dishes. Hell, I have a sink full of soaking dishes in the kitchen even now as I write these words. When dirty dishes sit around for over a month, it is wise to soak them and allow the food particles to soften.

Don't I lead an interesting life? I am so happy to be doing dishes and blogging again with two hands.


  • At 6:53 PM, Anonymous Rob said…

    Hope your feeling better soon.


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